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Our vision is to remain recognised and respected as the leading provider of quality assurance and advisory services by going that Extra Mile.


  • Covid-19: Food Safety, Compliance, People Movement, Product Movement, Product Manufactering and Storage; Consultancy and implementation
  • Covid-19: Biosecurity review of the manufacturing site ensuring production levels are maintained
  • Covid-19: Supply chain operational process and procedures review and implementation
  • Covid-19: Electronic food safety and quality assurance writing, review and implementation
  • Covid -19 Short term food safety plans, writing and implementation
  • Covid -19 Maintenance of the facilities external food safety and compliance accreditations
  • Covid -19 Maintenance of the facilities customers accreditations and requirement schemes



Audits are our specialty. At EMCC we can assist you every step of the way, from preparing for an audit to completing a full internal and external audit. We can tailor a comprehensive audit service for your company’s unique needs. ​Our audits range from business, food and product to labeling and reviews.


  • Technical / Compliance Lean Manufacturing Reviews
  • Internal Compliance Reviews
  • Compliance Systems and Verification
  • Internal External Reviews

Business Audits

  • Gap: BRC
  • ISO
  • SQF
  • Coles
  • Tesco
  • Aldi
  • MPI
  • Export
  • Sedex
  • Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Gap audit and Implementation
  • External supplier requirements, specifications Gap audit and Implementation
  • Best Aquaculture Practices
  • Fish Feed Mills
  • Seafood Hatcheries
  • Fish Farms
  • Mollusc Farm and Harvesting
  • Seafood Processing Sites

Farmed Animal Welfare Inspection

  • External GAP Animal Welfare audits: Retailers, Burger King, MacDonald’s, SPCA, RSPCA
  • Animal Welfare 3rd party reviews, Farm, Abattoir, Processing Yards / Restrainers
  • Animal Welfare compliance reviews for conformity to specific country legislation

Requirements Assessments

  • Retail Supplier Requirements
  • Supermarkets Requirements and Access



At EMCC we offer effective, flexible and cost-efficient training solutions for HACCP, VACCP, TACCP.



Our Consultancy service isn't about telling you what to do. It's about partnering with you, understanding your unique business and offering solutions that meet your operational needs. More importantly we can help you achieve your strategic objectives, ultimately allowing you to maintain and add new business to your customer portfolios.

We can offer you

  • A Technical Writer
  • Processing Business Restructuring
  • Quality Assurance Consulting and Mentoring
  • Lean Manufacturing Consultation
  • Identification of Base, Medium, High Care Facilities and Controls
  • Food Safety Planning
  • RMP Writing and Implementation

Resources Available

Contractors Short or Long Term Provided

  • Qualified Technical Managers
  • Qualified Quality Assurance Managers
  • Lean Manufactering Project Managers

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